Keep Your Operating Room Defibrillators Working Properly

Maintain reliable operating room equipment with the help of the Zap-Guard™, an innovative defibrillator tester from Guardian Angel Surgical Supplies Inc. in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Our defibrillator analyzer was designed by cardiovascular professionals and is a sterile, disposable test probe designed to check defibrillator system circuit continuity.


Minimize Risk in Your Operating Room

The operating room is no place to take chances, especially with open-heart surgery. The Zap-Guard™ test probe provides cost-effective insurance against the potential risk of a malfunctioning defibrillator system. Zap-Guard™ is so simple to use that it is a fast favorite among operating room nurses and hospitals nationwide, who have made this sterile, disposable tool a part of their cardiovascular operating room procedures.

How the Zap-Guard™ Works

With a simple test, the Zap-Guard™ determines whether your defibrillator will fire its electric charge when it is needed most. In a defibrillator, the carbon center cables can crack after long usage. Our test probe allows operating room nurses to test if the charge will carry from the base unit to the paddles. Simply touch the paddles with the probes, and then charge and fire the defibrillator—if the charge carries, a red light is displayed.

Product Options & Availability

The Zap-Guard™ comes in two different styles—one unit for use on monophasic defibrillator systems, and another for use on biphasic defibrillator systems. Monophasic units (unit #91766) are available 24 to a case, while biphasic units (unit #011403B) are available 25 to a case. Each item arrives individually packaged and sterilized.

Zap-Guard on Defibrillator